Spray Foam Inspection

Letters of Assurance, in the form of Schedules, are legal accountability documents for spray foam inspection that are required under the BC Building Code.

The registered Professional Engineer of Record is responsible for the design and field review of the components of the plans and supporting documents prepared by them. The registered professional of record is also responsible for reviewing the shop drawings prepared under the direction of any supporting registered professionals within that discipline, and either performing the field review of those components or satisfying him or herself that the necessary field reviews have been performed by the supporting registered professional. Spray foam insulation is one of those components.

Spray Foam Inspection Services


The Schedule B, for the registered professional-Engineer-of record retained on the project must be submitted to the authority having jurisdiction prior to the commencement of construction activities of the components identified. In our case, spray foam insulation. Submission of the Schedule B of the registered professionals-Engineer-of record is a necessary condition for construction to commence.

The Schedule B confirms that the registered professional-Engineer-of record, signing and stamping it, will be responsible for design and field review for the spray foam inspection.


A separate Schedule C-B must be completed, for each Schedule B, and submitted to the authority having jurisdiction after completion of the project, but before the authority having jurisdiction issues an occupancy permit or makes a final inspection.

The Schedule C-B provides assurance that the registered professional-Engineer- of record for has done what he undertook to do on the Schedule B, specifically:

  • completed field review of the spray foam insulation install
  • provides assurance that the spray foam insulation initialled comply in all material respects with
  • the BCBC and other applicable enactments respecting safety, and
  • With the registered professional of record’s design (the plans and documents submitted in support of the building permit application).

The registered professionals of record document their commitment to provide field review and provide assurance that field reviews, within their particular disciplines, have been completed by submitting Letters of Assurance (Schedules B and C-B) to the co-ordinating registered professional for each spray foam inspection.

Some jurisdictions require an Alternative Solution Proposal for all spray foam insulation applied to decks or roofs in lieu of venting the space. This proposal is to be submitted regardless of the type of spray foam applies (open-cell or closed-cell). This Alternative Solution Proposal should be submitted to the AHJ at the time of permit and before any application of spray foam is completed.

If you would like to have your drawings reviewed for the application of un-vented decks or un-vented roof assemblies, simply send a copy of your permitted plans along with a brief note of the sections you are considering. Upon review, you will receive a description of our recommendations along with the required engineering documents. Please contact us to submit your plans.