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Julio's Bio

Julio Reynel-Gracia, P.Eng., Building Envelope Engineer

Julio Reynel-Gracia is the president of JRG Building Engineering, Inc. He is a Building Envelope Professional Engineer specializing in the building envelope and energy efficiency for Part 9 buildings and small structures. Julio works closely with residential home builders on energy efficiency in the Building Code and on building envelope design and building assemblies.

Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Julio is a proud graduate of Concordia University with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. Recruited by Owens Corning Canada in September 2008, Julio took a role as the Western Canadian Technical Manager based out of Alberta, where he resided for six years. Now living in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Julio operates an engineering and building envelope consulting firm whose primary focus is to work with residential builders on envelope design and deciphering the contents of building code.

Julio believes in living with happiness. Therefore, he consistently surrounds himself with people whose ideas broaden his own.

Kenneth's Bio

Kenneth Chan, EIT, CPHD

Kenneth Chan is a Building Envelope Engineer at JRG Building Engineering. He oversees the building envelope design of single-family residential, multi-family residential, and commercial mixed-use buildings and regularly conducts field reviews on various projects. He is a Certified Passive House Designer and holds a B.A.Sc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of British Columbia.

Kenneth brings to JRG engineering and project management experience from various industries, including the resource sector, equipment manufacturing, municipal infrastructure, industrial construction, and renewable energy. In his role at JRG, he enjoys being out on-site to collaborate with Builders to empower them to construct better performing buildings.

Always interested in being the first to know all things new and innovative in the building industry, Kenneth also sits on the Homebuilders Association Vancouver (HAVAN) Technical Committee.

Kenneth can be found playing with his two children out on the trails away from the office. He and his wife love getting lost in the forest and discovering hidden gems in the local ecosystem. One of his most exciting nature finds was a salamander tucked under a log. But, of course, he also cheers for the Vancouver Canucks.

Abi's Bio

Abhishek Sharma, EIT, M.A.Sc., Building Envelope Engineer

Abhishek Sharma is a Building Envelope Engineer at JRG Building Engineering. He is predominantly involved in detailing and designing Part 9 buildings and could be found on job sites while conducting building envelope and spray foam field reviews.

He completed his M.A.Sc. from the University of Victoria, specializing in Building Science and is proficient in using hydrothermal modelling tools. He has a keen interest in energy-efficient buildings and sustainable development and, since joining JRG Building Engineering, has continuously upgraded his technical knowledge and skill set.

Apart from working, Abhishek could volunteer for BC SPCA, try out new cuisines, and go on impromptu road trips. A true Ellen DeGeneres fan, Abhishek believes in being kind to everyone.

Steve's Bio

Shihua (Steve) Wang, EIT, M.Eng, Building Envelope Engineer, Energy Advisor

Steve Wang has a Bachelor of Civil Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University with a minor in Environmental Engineering. He obtained his Master of Engineering in Building Engineering/Science at British Columbia Institute of Technology. Being an engineer who shows great passion on sustainability, Steve joined the energy department of JRG to fulfill his dedication toward environmental protection. He has been involved in energy modelling, airtightness testing, and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Youhai's Bio

Youhai Wang, P.E., P.Eng., Chief Structural Engineer

Youhai Wang is a structural engineer at JRG Structural Consultants Ltd. He has been involved in the structural design of primary single-family residential to multi-unit residential and commercial projects in JRG.

He has more than 25 years of progressively responsible experience in steel (heavy and lightweight), timber, concrete, and masonry design for entertainment industry structures such as ride coasters, industrial, commercial/institutional, and residential buildings. He could reach expert levels in structural steel and timber engineering designs. He obtained a master’s degree in Structural Engineering from the University of British Columbia and held a registered professional engineer in Province British Columbia and Washington State.

As a senior structural engineer, his attention to detail, completeness in design, and collaborative management skills enable his projects to be successful. During the design stage, he always incorporates cost-effective solutions that can make proposed engineering decisions easier for contractors to build and for clients to have economical solutions.

Daniel's Bio

Daniel Ray, M.Eng., EIT, Junior Structural Engineer

Daniel Ray joined JRG as a Structural Engineer in training in 2021, after three years of experience in the amusement park industry. His expertise in reinforced concrete and steel design brings these capabilities to the company and wood and CFS design.

He is graduated with a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from McGill University and obtained his Master of Engineering degree from the University of Toronto. He will be receiving his P.Eng. by the end of 2022. His goals are to achieve a high level of efficiency in single-family home design and excel in apartment building engineering.

Daniel regularly trains in boxing. In the summer, he plays beach volleyball, and in the winter, he explores the mountains of BC snowboarding in his spare time.

Flavio's Bio

Flavio Paes, B.Sc. Accounting, PBD Business, Office Administrator

Since Flavio joined the JRG team, he has been responsible for getting our office running smoothly. He often oversees all administrative activities supporting our engineers on on-site construction and projects. He has extensive expertise in dealing with spreadsheets, forms, reports, financial control, and presentations.

Flavio holds a B.Sc. Accounting degree at the Federal University of Uberlandia and a PBD in Business Management at Capilano University in North Vancouver. You can find him constantly developing our project management, strategies, tools, and routines. But he also schedules meetings, organizes engineers’ calendars, answers phone calls, directs to the appropriate party, and responds to any inquiries to support our team and clients.

Flavio concentrates on spending time with his family and friends, enjoying all BC offers in terms of nature and food in his spare time. Passionate about mountain biking, hiking and concerts, it’s evident why he chose Vancouver as his home.