Certified Energy Advisor Vancouver

The City of Vancouver’s 2019 VBBL includes requirements which will result in a more energy efficient home. For 1 and 2 family residential homes, the Vancouver Building Bylaw requires:

  • An energy modelling report, also called a pre-permit checklist, is required when applying for your building permit. This is for new home construction.
  • A mid-construction blower door test, or pre-drywall test, is required for new homes. A final blower door test is required prior to issuance of your occupancy permit. A value of 3.5 ACH is mandatory under the 2019 VBBL.

A Homeowner Information Sheet (HOIS) as determined by the EnerGuide Rating System (ERS) must be provided to the building inspector prior to final inspection.

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Mechanical equipment improvements

In order to comply with the requirement for a CEA’s visual verification, it is critical to seek out a Vancouver Certified Energy Advisor who not only is versed in City of Vancouver code, policies and procedures, but also has a thorough knowledge of BC Building Code requirements and understands building envelope assemblies, acceptable materials and technical terms. 

From inception to delivery of the project, a knowledgeable CEA will be able to foresee areas of future concern and suggest a variety of solutions, which will lead to the successful construction of the home.

CEA visual verification confirms the following:

  • Construction drawings conform to VBBL 2019,
  • Energy modelling file aligns with energy requirements from VBBL 2019.
  • Prior to Insulation Inspections by the City (Pre-Drywall):
    • CEA to provide confirmation of visual verification of window ratings,
    • CEA to Complete the City of Vancouver Thermal ByPass Checklist,
    • CEA to perform and complete a pre-drywall Blower-Door Test.
  • Prior to Final Inspection by the City:
    • CEA to provide final Energuide Report,
    • CEA to ensure that Air Change per Hour is lower than 3.5 ACH.*
    • CEA to submit final Checklist

* Additional work may be needed should the number be higher.*** A CEA needs to be experienced in City of Vancouver codes, policies and procedures with respect to the new home construction, mechanical requirements, energy efficiency and the building envelope.