What Is an Engineering Consultant?

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When it comes to construction and building engineering, relying on an experienced engineering consultant is crucial. Here at JRG Building Engineering, our team is ready to offer a wide range of engineering and design solutions to help ensure that your next project is a success. In this blog, we’ll define what an engineering consultant is, what they do, and when you should seek their services.

What Is an Engineering Consultant?

First and foremost, an engineering consultant refers to a professional who can provide guidance, advice, and recommendations for different kinds of engineering projects. Our team in particular specializes in building envelope engineering and structural engineering, in addition to offering energy efficiency consultations. When you turn to an engineering consultant on our team, you can rest assured knowing that you’re working with someone who has assisted with countless residential, commercial, and industrial projects and has the knowledge and expertise to back up their advice.

Although many clients choose to meet with an engineering consultant during the project planning phase, there are other scenarios where this service can be highly beneficial, too. For instance, if a construction crew needs to make sure their new building is up to code, a local engineering consultant can ensure it meets all regulations. Engineering consultants can also conduct structural assessments for new or renovated buildings, improve a building’s energy efficiency, and provide quality assurance once a construction project is completed.

To make sure that your project can go off without a hitch, schedule a consultation with one of our professional consultants today and learn how we can help.