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On March 4, 2015, the provincial government announced an enhanced licensing system for residential builders in BC. By enacting this mandatory regulation, licensed registered builders building under the 2012 BCBC and the 2014 VBBL will need to demonstrate proficiency in seven core competencies by completing training in each of the areas of the Homeowner Protection Act Regulation.

JRG Building Engineering Inc. A Certified Education Provider

This is a good thing! With over 6000 licensed builders in BC, certified education providers such as JRG Building Engineering Inc. are now able to reach out to all builders and assist the HPO in disseminating education at a more intimate level. Gathering the province’s builders for the purpose of not only delivering education but best practices, builders will also be able to challenge the education providers with questions, comments and concerns on industry-related topics. Personally, having the opportunity to learn best practices alongside my peers will not only make me more confident as a Building Envelope Engineer, but also allow me to discuss openly and freely with them on what is new in the industry and how can we make things better and easier for all professionals in residential construction.

As an education provider, our goal is not to have you sit down in a room for a couple of hours and force you to listen to a speaker ramble about building science, financial planning and/or legal issues, but to ensure that you leave with a positive takeaway. Our priority is to provide you with a firsthand contact who will pick up your phone calls and respond to your emails, answering your questions and helping you solve problems. We have the goal to ensure that your experience in continued education is positive and will create a foundation for your future learning. Our mission is to be available when it feels that no one else is.

JRG Building Engineering Inc.’s status as a certified education provider residential builders can earn CPD credits by taking our seminars and training courses. Check back for updates or send us an email indicating you’d like to be notified of educational seminars by JRG Building Engineering in the future.