Blower Door Testing

The City of Vancouver requires a blower door test to be performed on all new 1 and 2 family dwellings. A Certified Energy Advisor (CEA) performs these tests. JRG Building Engineering offers blower door testing services within the Greater Vancouver Area.

Blower door tests measure the air change per hour (ACH) using a door fan. By performing a door fan test, a trained CEA is able to determine areas of leakage using various tools, such as a smoke pencil. By locating the areas of leakage, a knowledgeable CEA can offer recommendations on how to improve the airtightness.

Blower doors help builders construct a tighter building envelope, which translates to a more energy efficient home. Testing the ACH at the pre-drywall stage allows home builders to determine the effectiveness of the home’s air barrier.

The most common air barrier assembly in 1 and 2 family dwellings across British Columbia is the sealed polyethylene approach (SPA). However, once drywall is installed, the air barrier becomes virtually inaccessible. At this point, it would be very difficult to correct any deficiencies in the air barrier. Therefore, by performing a pre-drywall blower door test, the effectiveness of the air barrier can be verified while the barrier is still accessible.

The City of Vancouver requires all 1 and 2 family dwellings to yield 3.5 ACH or lower.